Welcome to psychologist Anna Levi Palsvig / Psykolog Center 1100

My vision is that every person has the necessary resources to have a balanced and fulfilling life. Sometimes life becomes challenging and it can be helpful to talk with a psychologist in order to get a professional feedback on your life situation or work with a particular issue you need to address.

My office is right at the center of Copenhagen at Østergade 13, 2 floor. It is easy to get here with Metro, the clinic is within 2 minutes walk from the Kongens Nytorv Station.

Booking by telephone (+45) 40 19 07 07

Booking by e-mail: info@annalevipalsvig.com


When you call between 8am and 4pm you will speak to a secretary who will book your appointment and answer your questions regarding booking. If you would like to speak to me personally prior to booking, you can leave a message with the secretary and I will call you back the same day.

Therapy room at IMU, Østergade 13, 2 sal, 1100 Copenhagen K

Kontakt by E-mail: info@annalevipalsvig.com


Whether you are looking for psychotherapy because you need to make changes in your life, or having problems in your relationship,  stress at work, or experiencing difficulties in dealing with a life transition, dealing with grief og having a more specific issue to work with, such as depression or anxiety a professional help is here for you. No matter what kind of problem you bring to the therapy room, I will make sure that you feel comfortable in speaking about it and in collaboration we will find best ways for you to tackle the challenges. 

I do my best to help you experience positive changes from the initial sessions and to progress effectively throughout your therapy. I use evidence-base approaches that are proven to be effective in treatment of a wide range of psychological and existential problems. I use both Psychodynamic and Cognitive methods in therapy.  

I continuously work on extending my knowledge through professional seminars, congresses, courses and through published work. I supervise other psychologists and get continuous supervision myself.


Therapy includes, but is not restricted to, the following areas:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Couples therapy / Family disputes
  • Group therapy
  • Coaching and consultancy
  • Workshops and Courses

Emergency Service:

If you need an urgent session, it can be scheduled the same evening or within the 24 hours of your request. The price for an urgent session the same day is the standard session price plus an additional 200 DKK.


Individual therapy session (50 minutes) : 1000 DKK
Couples therapy (90 minutes) : 1800 DKK

Therapy on-line when you are travelling

Online therapy sessions are also available through Skype or Webex, when you are travelling and need to speak with me.

Please note that On-Line sessions are only available after you have a face to face session first.


From the 1st of July 2017, my address is:

Østergade 13, 2 sal.
1100 København K

 The entrance to the office is in the arch, next to the entrance to Hotel Chocolat butik:
hotel chocolat_censored.jpg