Online Session

For several years I have offered my clients sessions via Webex, which makes it possible for my clients to get their therapy regardless of whether they are abroad, at work, or at home. The only requirements for an online session is that you need to have personal space where you are not disturbed by others. Some people choose to have an online session as a walk-and-talk, where they walk outside, while talking.


– You can have you session where you want, abroad, at work or at home
– You do not have to miss your session if you are travelling
– You save transportation – and waiting time by meeting online

Practical Information:

– Date and time: Webex sessions can be scheduled outside the working hours
– Booking: All sessions have to be booked in advance.
– Emergency: It can be possible to book a urgent online session within 24 hours, and if I can’t book it with myself, I can book you in with one of my colleagues.
– Payment: The payment has to be done by a bank transfer or Mobile Pay on the day of the session
– Webex link will be sent to your email

For this option, please contact me by e-mail or send a text on +45 30 30 37 01.